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buying in spain

We have the know-how you need in 6 simple steps

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Step 1 Contact Us


After contacting Inspired Homes Marbella we will discuss either in person or as normally occurs via email your property requirements. During this communication we will get a clear understanding of your objectives. We will then prepare a personalized list of properties for you to view.



Step 2  Viewings


This is the exciting part, once you have been collected by our representative we will view the properties discussed in step 1 and maybe a couple more that we feel could be of interest to you. We will also spend time showing you areas so that you have a real understanding of the lifestyle. Viewings can be made 7 days a week and Inspired Homes Marbella will work hard to ensure that viewing times suit you. Time should be allowed for second viewings.


Step 3 Making an Offer!


Once you have identified your property it is time to make it yours. You will be informed of all the buying costs and associated taxes before you place your offer.


Here you have 2 options.



  • place a verbal offer via Inspired Homes Marbella and wait for the vendors response


  • the second option is to place a reservation deposit with your lawyer, then proceed with a verbal offer.  

         This option often carries more gravitas as the deposit shows a greater level of commitment to the vendor.



Step 4 Instructing a Lawyer


Now we have a written or verbal agreement from the vendor is it time to instruct a lawyer. If you have not already done so now is the time to pay the reservation deposit (usually 6.000 e) to remove the property from the market. 

This money sits in a client escrow account whilst your lawyer makes all the necessary checks to protect your investment.



Step 5 Private Purchase Contract


Once your lawyer has finished all the necessary checks and confirmed that there are no issues you can proceed to sign a Private Purchase Contract where you deposit 10% of the final price minus the reservation deposit with your lawyer. This document states the price, any other conditions and a mutually agreed date for completion. For those wishing for a faster completion it is possible to miss this step and go straight to step 6.



Step 6 Completion


The day has finally arrived when you receive the keys to your new home! On this day all parties will meet at a public notary to sign the title deeds. Everything will have been prepared beforehand to make sure this day goes smoothly. If you cannot be present you can grant your lawyer Power of Attorney and they can sign on your behalf.


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